Wrinkle-Filling Products

Reducing wrinkles without having to go through surgery? This is precisely what is offered by anti-aging treatments consisting of injecting active ingredients to fill in wrinkles and rejuvenating the appearance of your skin!

What are these active principles? Here is the round-up!


The repeated contraction of certain muscles of the face result, over the years, in folds that end up marking your skin by forming wrinkles.

As the skin loses elasticity with age, expression wrinkles are formed:

  • on the forehead;
  • “frown lines”, located between the eyebrows;
  • crow’s feet, at the external corners of the eyes;
  • at the corners of the mouth and around the nostrils;
  • on the neck;
  • at the bridge of the nose;

Two types of injection are offered to reduce these marks of time and to restore a smooth appearance to the face: Botox© and hyaluronic acid.


Cosmetic Botox© is a purified protein generally used in the upper part of the face. Injected using a very fine needle, it is intended to relax the muscles of the face and to smooth expression wrinkles.

The treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes and requires no recovery time. It is non-permanent, the effects of the Botox© lasts between 3 and 6 months and do not therefore prevent aging of the skin, which returns to normal as the effects of the treatment diminish.


Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar naturally-occurring in our bodies. Sagging wrinkles are caused by the loss of hyaluronic acid and can be filled by injection of a colorless, non-allergenic gel, which has the advantage of not provoking a rejection.

Juvederm is among the formulas currently used, with some of its products containing lidocaine to reduce the pain associated with the injection. Depending on the wrinkles to be filled and the volumes needed for correction, the health professional will choose the appropriate type of product.

In addition to smoothing out expression wrinkles, as Botox© does, the injection of hyaluronic acid can correct, among others:

  • sagging of the cheeks;
  • the loss of volume in the cheeks;
  • the contour of the lips;
  • the contour of the face (at the level of the jaws) ;
  • the profile of the nose;
  • the area under the eyes;

The effect is instant, looks smooth and natural, and lasts up to 18 months.

Precautions to take after a treatment

  • For Botox© injections:the blisters or small marks disappear a few hours after the treatment. You can immediately resume your daily activities!
  • For hyaluronic acid injections: in the event of localized redness, avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays. The discomfort linked to the treatment may be relieved by regularly applying ice on the treated areas.

In all cases, the contra-indications are identified before the treatment and clear post-treatment recommendations will be given to you. All you need to do is consult a doctor, who will direct you toward the treatment most suited to your needs!