Prices, brands and promises : How to select your cosmetics

Taking care of your skin is important to you, and you pay special attention to the products you choose. However we must admit that sometimes, knowing how to choose the most suitable product can be a real challenge!

Through the multitude of cosmetic brands available, price differences and promised results, each more appealing than the last, how to choose the products that suit you best?

4 Tips for Choosing Your Cosmetics

  • Do not rely on the price to choose your cosmetics. An expensive product is not automatically an effective product for your skin. Clearly identifying your skin type and its specific needs will help you choose cosmetics based on their actual capabilities.
  • Well known brand names or unknown company, what is the right choice? Again, a well known name does not guarantee efficiency. Opt instead for the technology that cares for your needs, a product that will offer you the results you are looking for.
  • Beware of promises! The popular cosmetic brands are working twice as hard to seduce you. Keep a cool head and focus on names with proven technologies.
  • Talk to your beautician. Your expert is very familiar with your skin and how it has changed, as well as the characteristics and qualities of the different care products on the market. They will direct you to the cosmetics suited to your needs and your budget.

4 effective and innovative cosmetics lines, selected for you

Institut Esthederm

“The skin as an ecosystem to respect and support”. Esthederm’s products are designed to keep the skin in a state of optimal health and radiance, and to rehabilitate it so it finds its natural balance. Cellular Water and UV inCellium provide powerful active processes, able to multiply the self-healing and self-defense capabilities of your skin.

Epiderma Bio

We created this range of cosmetics at the request of our customers. They were specifically designed to prepare the skin and optimize the results of the services and treatments offered in the Epiderma Cosmetic clinics. Made from exclusive formulas and primarily based on organic ingredients, Epiderma Bio products act to reduce and alleviate adverse skin effects after treatment, but also to moisturize and rebuild your skin.

Pro-Derm and Obagi

Pro-Derm offers a range of specialized products with the ability to prevent adverse effects of the treatments. The AHA 10% night cream increases the tolerance of your skin to glycolic acid and prevents skin problems. The regenerative cream moisturizes, soothes and regenerates the skin sensitized by the treatment. Finally, the Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF50 from Obagi provides maximum light and UV protection in an ultra-matte formula that is completely absorbed into the skin.

Premiology Cosmetics

Technology serving skin rejuvenation. With its innovative 360° approach, Premiology offers a range of revitalizing and rejuvenating treatments that will leave your skin looking replenished, gorgeous, and free of fatigue. A true makeover for your face, making you look up to 5 years younger in just two weeks.

Ask your Epiderma medical cosmetic technician, she will offer you the most appropriate care based on your needs.

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