Medicart: A new Quebec company that is poised to become the leader in aesthetics

October 1st, 2019, marks the launch of a completely new brand that aims to redefine the field of aesthetic care. Medicart is an innovative umbrella brand dedicated to providing professional beauty and wellness services that will encompass different types of specialized clinics which complement each other in areas such as dermatology, phlebology and esthetic medicine.

Owned by the Montreal investment firm Walter Capital Partners and Pierre Montminy, the very man who built the brand and reputation of the Quebec company Epiderma, Medicart Corporation is a new contender with solid credentials that is not to be underestimated.

Pierre Montminy, President and CEO of Medicart Corporation

Pierre Montminy, President and CEO of Medicart Corporation, stated that “as the Epiderma brand is well established, I am pleased to contribute even more to the development of medical aesthetic care in Quebec with the creation of Medicart, which will combine various groups of complementary clinics with our current lineup. That being said, the architecture of this new business model will not change in any way the services and resources of the Epiderma network, which will maintain its own identity.”

Eric Phaneuf, President and CEO of Walter Capital Partners and Chairman of the Board of Medicart

Eric Phaneuf, President and CEO of Walter Capital Partners and Chairman of the Board of Medicart, said “with entrepreneurship being at the heart of our mission, I am delighted to participate in the creation of a unique network of clinics that will flourish to better serve its clients by offering them diversified care adapted to their lifestyles.”

A first Medicart clinic

In addition to owning 100% of the Epiderma Corporation, Medicart has acquired the Clinique de dermatologie esthétique de Montréal located in the borough of Ville Saint-Laurent and renamed it Medicart dermatologie esthétique. Dr. Michèle Ohayon, renowned dermatologist specializing in esthetics, will remain committed to providing her services at the clinic along with all medical and administrative staff, but she will also hold the office of Medical Director for the Medicart Corporation.

Dr Michèle Ohayon, Medical Director for the Medicart Corporation

“I intend to instill in Medicart my vision of the profession, which has always been to advise clients and intervene according to their expectations, but by taking into account, above all, the parameters imposed by health, harmony, aesthetics and facial structure while complying to the code of ethics. I am very proud to be a part of this new and exciting advance in the field of esthetic dermatologic care delivery,” says Dr. Michèle Ohayon.

The Medicart Corporation has also acquired two phlebology clinics, namely Dr. St-Amour’s Centre de phlébologie in Montreal where it holds a majority interest and the Dr. Beaupré Vein Clinic in Ottawa.

The values of Medicart

Driven by the values of authenticity, refinement and accessibility, Medicart aims to become the brand that will set the ethical benchmark in beauty and wellness treatments by pursuing its mission to use its expertise to bring your beauty to the surface. Achieving a natural appearance is what will dictate Medicart’s course of action, even if it means refusing procedures that could distort or transform a person excessively.

The name Medicart combines the words “medical” and “art.” It is meant to convey the message that beauty treatments are provided in accordance with the rules of the art, particularly when medicine is at the service of aesthetics.

All Medicart network clinics will offer their own line of beauty products.

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