How to prevent heavy legs and what to do to relieve them?

It’s summer, it’s hot, and your legs feel heavier as the day goes on. Don’t panic! There are practical solutions to help prevent or to relieve the sensation of heavy legs…for a lighter summer!

Do you get heavy legs?

Heavy Legs is a sensation of heaviness in your legs, which makes them feel tense and easily tired. The phenomenon tends to be worse at the end of the day or when it is very hot.

If you feel that your legs are heavier than normal, or if they are uncomfortable and swollen, then you may well have heavy legs.

If, as well as these sensations, you also have cramp, tingling, or edema, then it’s time to do something about it.

Take steps to protect yourself from heavy legs

The phenomenon of heavy legs is linked to poor circulation. It is hereditary, but can also be due to being overweight or too sedentary.

A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity, is the first line of defense!

But the care that you take of your legs is also an essential part of their good health.

Your skin is your ally in keeping your legs light:

If you want to keep your legs light and toned then it is strongly recommended to exfoliate and hydrate. An exfoliating glove will eliminate dead cells and improve the penetration of nourishing creams. You should ideally carry out this treatment twice a week in the shower, using small circular movements moving up towards the heart to encourage the circulation of the blood in the veins. Don’t forget to use the famous jet of cold water from the bottom to the top of your legs before you get out of the shower. Afterwards, apply a nourishing cream to hydrate your skin.

Massage your legs everyday:

To encourage good circulation in your legs, a pleasant massage at the end of your day will relax you and stimulate your legs! Massage your legs with circular movements, from the bottom to the top. In your massage, remember to include: calf, shin, knee, thigh, and groin area, finishing with the side of your thigh. To really care for your legs in depth, use oil, a cream containing centella asiatica or a nourishing cream like Esthederm’s Sculpt System

Do you have heavy legs? There are solutions!

Do you take care of your legs and you have a healthy lifestyle but still have a sensation of heaviness? Nowadays there are simple solutions to make you feel light on your feet!

Velashape is a treatment available in salons, which has combined 4 technologies to made your legs feel better!

Mechanical rollers and regulated suction create the sort of kneading-rolling action that leads to efficient lymphatic drainage. An ergonomically designed head treats smaller areas such as the knees.

You have the right to healthy, toned legs – take care of them all year long!

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