Dealing with dark circles

When you have hollows or shadows under your eyes, you can look tired even when you’re not. When concealer no longer does the trick, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Why do I have dark circles?

Dark circles are generally caused by a lack of circulation, which leads to vascular congestion and the accumulation of fluids that change the colour of the skin. With age, dark circles become more visible due to the gradual loss of collagen tissue and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

How can I make dark circles under the eyes less noticeable?

There’s no big secret to diminishing the appearance of dark circles or preventing them in the first place: stay well rested. But if you start to see under-eye circles despite your beauty sleep and healthy lifestyle, all is not lost!

To restore your relaxed radiance, select an appropriate eye contour cream, rub on gently, and combine with a hard-working concealer designed for your skin type. The best eye contour creams for diminishing the appearance of dark circles are those that fight congestion, drain fluid, and lighten and brighten the skin. Look for the active ingredients that are most effective in preventing under-eye circles: caffeine to drain and stimulate, vitamin C to brighten, licorice extract to lighten, and fruit acids to exfoliate.

Can under-eye hollows be filled in?

The answer is yes. With age, the area between the inner corner of the eye and the middle of the cheek becomes permanently hollow due to the gradual loss of collagen tissue and hyaluronic acid. When under-eye hollows start to form and the tear trough becomes more visible, it’s time to overcome your fears and make Juvéderm your best friend. Injections of this hyaluronic acid filler are painless and generally cause little bruising. Results are immediate, natural, and long lasting.

According to your age and needs, specialized cosmetic products that feature regenerating effects or are rich in hyaluronic acid can be used. But be forewarned: your doctor must be well trained, have a solid understanding of anatomy, and provide regular injections to the particularly delicate area around the eyes.

Treating dark circles is a recent development in the aesthetics industry. Some doctors know exactly what to do, others not so much!