Micro-Peel, Unclassified

New peeling treatment packages

As a leader in medical and aesthetic care, we are proud to now offer three new peeling treatments to meet all the specific needs of Epiderma’s clientele. What is a peel? These peeling care packages are professional resurfacing kits that help promote healthy skin and an even complexion. During treatment, […]

Micro-Peel, Micro-Peeling

Peels, or the “New Skin” effect

Like the term “acid”, “peel” is another word that sounds far from enticing. In fact, “peel” is the unflattering term given to a treatment that can actually do a world of good. If your face suffers from age spots, irregular pigmentation, acne scars, dilated pores, redness, ridges or lines, this […]

Micro-Peel, Micro-Peeling

Renew your skin with microdermabrasion !

Arising in North America in the mid-90s, microdermabrasion is a beauty treatment  to reduce the signs of aging skin… without having to go through surgery! The term “makeover” applies particularly well to this treatment, find out why! Microdermabrasion : what exactly is it? Microdermabrasion consists of projecting micro exfoliating crystals […]