Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments, Soins beauté

No worries under the sun!

The weather is warm and lovely: at last, it’s vacation time! Let’s forget our work routine and enjoy sunny days with the children. However, there is one routine that we should not neglect: skin protection. Often, we ensure that our children’s skin is protected but we forget to protect our […]

Beauty Treatments, Soins beauté

Sun, Glorious Sun!

The sun is not the devil incarnate, and it would be wrong to believe it offers no benefits. In fact, new benefits are being discovered every day for the heart and even against certain cancers. Of course you have to use it without abusing it! Benefits of the sun We […]

Beauty Treatments, Soins beauté

Summer Essentials!

When you’re trying to avoid dark spots on your skin, summer can be a tricky time. You’re often left with two choices: hiding in the shade or tanning and suffering the brown-spotted consequences that follow. UV rays can certainly do a number on your face, but there are solutions for […]