Body Contouring!

Unwanted bulges, loss of skin’s tone, and a desire for a slimmer figure are factors that are increasingly attracting women to try body contouring.  The Velashape technology used in Epiderma clinics is proving to be very effective in tightening and toning the skin.

Velashape II: safe technology without surgery

This treatment offered at Epiderma stimulates the body’s natural metabolism to improve blood circulation and allow fat cells to burn off their reserves. The Velashape II combines four non-invasive techniques in just one treatment:

  • An infrared light that heats up skin tissue right down to the deep dermal layer;
  • Radiofrequency waves that heat up skin tissue right down to the hypodermal layer;
  • Two mechanical rollers that massage the area simultaneously to enhance the lymphatic drainage of liquid trapped in tissue;
  • Suction that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, increasing the effectiveness of other combined procedures.

The treatment helps tighten existing collagen, stimulates new collagen growth, improves blood circulation and dissolves fat tissue without eliminating it. Therefore, the skin becomes firmer and more contoured.

The following areas of the body can be contoured: thighs, belly, buttocks, knees, flanks and love handles, calves, arms and breeches.

Generally, the initial treatment requires 10 weekly sessions of 20 to 90 minutes on the Velashape II. Results are often noticeable as of the fourth or fifth session. Maintenance sessions are recommended every three to six months after the initial treatment. Prices vary according to area of treatment, time of year as well as promotional offers, whereby a package deal could cost as little as fifty dollars!

Health Canada and U.S. F.D.A. approved, the treatment is safe and the side effects, albeit temporary, are very rare (redness, bruising or mild pain). This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers, photosensitive diseases and certain skin disorders. Significant excess weight can limit the effectiveness of the treatment.

Please note that this treatment does not replace a healthy lifestyle, and is not a weight loss technique. It aims to tighten loose skin and reduce fat in stubborn target areas in the body.

Don’t entrust your body to just anyone… To conclude, the golden rule for all medical aesthetic treatments also applies here: inquire about the technology behind the technique, the quality of the device for the procedure and the reputation of the clinic before making your final choice. For more information, we invite you to visit the Epiderma website (