Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

I will be faithful (and patient!)

Sure it’s great to have buckets of them, and who doesn’t want to try them all, but switching to another cream just because this one didn’t come through for you in two weeks will get nowhere. On average it takes three months to see benefits visible to the naked eye. Face it—you need to be patient. So step back and give your skin time to do its thing. If you don’t break out or develop a rash, you’re not reacting, so hang in there!

I will use products designed for me

Ditch those over-rich or not-rich-enough moisturizers as well as paint-peeler scrubs if you have sensitive skin. In 2018 you’ll watch what you use and target your specific needs. Using the right products—the ones that do exactly what you need them to do—matters.

I will think of my planet when I remove makeup

We all know makeup has to come off every night, but who among us can’t recall a night last year when laziness got the better of them? Makeup has to come off to prevent premature skin aging. To let your skin breathe and to remove the pollution and oily residues that build up throughout the day. And there’s a little additional challenge you’re taking on this year: You’re practising green makeup removal with BIO Cleanser, as well as saying goodbye to cotton balls and disposable wipes—this year you’ll use your hands, which are gentler on your skin anyway.