Advent calendar : To each her own !

Whether you’re frantic or cool as a cucumber, you have a busy, full life. Year in and year out, Christmas always comes around on the same date. Discover our calendar for a beautiful holiday season whatever your type—all set, almost ready, or last minute.

The all set

The All Set knows from experience that the big countdown to Christmas means stress. Her resolution every year? Make it to Christmas Eve radiant…and relaxed! How? By starting now.

The day after Halloween, the All Set has an important appointment: by 9 a.m. she’s at the clinic with her favourite technician for her beauty consultation and personalized game plan.

First step for a radiant Christmas Eve: deeply cleanse the skin and improve texture and tone long term. This calls for a micropeel. With three treatments between now and Christmas Eve, the All Set will face the in-laws with a smooth and glowing complexion—then enjoy the rest of her treatments to kick off 2018 looking like all those festivities didn’t faze her. She’s a smart one, for sure.

Starting Day 1, she applies 10% AHA Night Cream before bed to prepare her skin and improve her porcelain complexion. After her treatments, she doesn’t skimp on BIO Regenerating Cream, which promotes cell healing and regeneration, and religiously applies SPF 50 Sun Shield to hydrate her skin and protect it from the adverse effects of UV rays.

To combat uneven skin tone, she uses BIO Serum-C and highly concentrated Esthederm Anti Brown Patches Serum throughout her treatment to brighten and improve the appearance of her skin.

We love it?

Ideal for weekly or for emergency repair, BIO Soothing Masque instantly relaxes skin, creating a sense of exceptional well-being. Used after medical aesthetic treatment, it diminishes visible skin flaking and provides significant hydration. Epiderma BIO Soothing Masque, $55 for 125 ml.

The almost ready

For the Almost Ready, the holiday season is the perfect time to have fun and get a little wild. A perfect complexion, radiant glow, intense lips, healthy nails—she wants the classic glam of the big premieres. For uncomplicated star appeal, we’ve marked her calendar with a few essentials and voilà, done!

As every year, the Almost Ready realizes that Christmas is in just three weeks—leaving her just enough time to prepare.

Though well aware that she can’t take advantage of all the benefits of treatment so close to the cutoff date, she does know there are solutions and her epiderma technician can help. So between her tire change and cottage reservation, she rushes to the clinic for sound advice.

First things first: play catch-up. With microdermabrasion she can start her treatment immediately and get visible results almost instantly without having to reschedule the happy hours she’s organized.

Skillfully strategizing, she looks to the Esthederm White System collection to do everything at once, and quickly. She religiously applies the recommended products, essential for evening skin tone in no time flat.

To be ready and always at her best, she likes the mauve micro-pearls in Brightening Regenerating Day Care, which instantly mask imperfections, and puts Brightening Regenerating Night Care to work while she sleeps to unify her complexion and reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines while toning facial contours.

To cap it all off she uses Brightening Cleansing Foam morning and night—for remarkable results starting the first week.

We love it!

The gentlest way to care for your skin, Calming Biomimetic Cream is designed for ultra-sensitive skin. It gives your skin a well-earned break while restoring its balance and strengthening its defences. It is the ultimate calming treatment for extreme intolerances. Perfect for soothing and rebalancing the skin after microdermabrasion. Esthederm Calming Biomimetic Cream, $79 for 50 ml.

The LAST minute

Ironically, the time of year where any fashionista worthy of the name should be dressed to the nines is also the time for racing against the clock in a frenzy to do everything and be everywhere all at once. A great little calendar for getting festive in the blink of an eye!

That’s just how things are—there’s no changing the Last Minute! Just as appearance-conscious as the others, and just as smart, she knows there are magic treatments that work fast. She’ll deal with the rest at New Year’s resolution time (or not!). A week away from the fateful date with nothing yet prepared, she breezes over to her clinic seeking fast and effective solutions.

The focus is on complexion and tone, of course! And since time is of the essence, she opts for great products. A microdermabrasion treatment would give amazing results for sure, but finding an hour and a half just seven days away from Christmas is a fantasy for anyone.

First step: transform the daily routine into actions with concrete and highly visible results. Morning and night she cleanses her face with Premiology Cleansing Milky Nectar to free the skin from all traces of makeup and impurities while leaving it refreshed, velvety-soft, and hydrated.

Since nothing is more dazzling than sparkling eyes, she prepares for those big nights out with Enhancing Eye Elixir, a subtly pearly emulsion that lifts sagging eyelids and fills tired lines. She applies it twice daily to make unsightly wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles disappear instantly.

Once or twice before Christmas Eve, after cleansing with Cleansing Milky Nectar, the Last Minute treats her skin to Premiology Resurfacing Micro-Peeling. A true glow reviver in the form of a silky emulsion with ultrafine particles, it gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it incredibly soft with a refined texture, tighter pores, and a radiant complexion.

On the big day, her go-to filler instantly corrects deep wrinkles and improves the appearance of pores.