5 anti-cellulite massages to do at home

Here are five ways to massage that smooth out cellulite, along with the basic rules for applying the cream of your choice. We recommend the Duo Glauscine from Institut Esthederm and the Sculpting Cream from Medicart both available on our online store.

1- Effleurage

Effleurage is the technique that prepares the skin for the deeper pressure to come.

How it’s done: Brush the skin with the tips of your fingers along the outline of the muscles. Work from the bottom up in little circles. Then repeat with flattened hands, still brushing lightly along the surface.

2- Knead and Roll

This is where the real cellulite-fighting action is. It promotes fluid exchange between the three epidermal layers and kick-starts microcirculation.

How it’s done: Take a fold of skin between the thumb and two fingers of each hand and knead it with your thumbs in a rolling motion.

3- Pressure

Pressure improves blood circulation and helps move toxins out of the muscles. It also helps oxygenate tissue.

How it’s done: Wrap your hand around the area to be massaged. Apply pressure with your fingers while making little clockwise circles. The direction of movement is across the muscle at a right angle.

4- Knuckle massage

Knuckle massage calls for firmness and flexibility to get blood flowing again.

How it’s done: Tap on the skin with closed fists and loose wrists. It’s not done violently—it’s a light, rhythmic movement. Avoid the inside of the thigh.

5- Petrissage or S-Massage

Petrissage relaxes muscle tissue and restores skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

How it’s done: Place your hands flat on the thighs and buttocks with your thumbs extended. Take a handful of flesh between your right and left hands and twist in opposite directions.


Source: Le Journal des femmes